This women’s bag set are perfect for kolehiyalas!

Investing on a women’s bag is a must for every college students. Whether you’re a graduating senior or a junior who is undergoing her OJT, upgrading your style should be one of the things that you should look forward to. The whole duration of your college years are a perfect breeding time not only for maturity but also for fashion sense.

It’s about time to switch your canvass backpack into this leather bag set that will definitely unleash your inner independent woman side!

Suitable for many occasions, this 3 in 1 Fashion Backpack Set surely gets you covered from your school and even up to your travel needs! Made from a strong leather material, this fashionable bag set can keep your valuables safe and sound. Its backpack has a roomy compartment with multiple small pockets that can hold enough your books, gadgets and even your umbrella. Meanwhile, its front expandable pocket enables you to have an instant access on your beauty essentials like lip balms, compact powder and even basic makeup brushes. What also makes this backpack unique is its back secret pocket where you can stash your phone or keys without worrying if somebody is sneaking it out on your bag!

3 in 1 Fashion Backpack Set

Aside from its fashion-forward backpack, there’s also a card holder and a clutch bag for women that complete this classy leather bag package. Basically, you can get 3 products in just a price of one which makes it a wise choice if you really want to invest on these basic fashion staples!

This fabulously chic bag set only costs you PHP 729.00 which is much cheaper compare to other leather backpack sets available in the market.

There you have it, ladies! Be bold yet youthful without sacrificing fashion by keeping up with the latest fashion trends now with this one of the top online store PH!

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