Keep women’s fashion jewelry in one place with this organizer!

We all know that storing women’s fashion jewelry in your own dresser can be a little too challenging. Let’s face the fact, ladies! Organizing your small bling-blings cannot be solved by buying a jewelry box. Accessories like earrings and rings are so small that makes it more difficult for you to search on a container. You cannot also deny the fact that a girl like you has a tendency to lose these incredibly small trinkets.

Thanks to this adorable jewelry organizer, you’ll never have to lose your favorite fashion accessories anymore!

 Macaron Shape Jewelry Case

It may look like a Parisian sweet treat but this is more than just an ordinary macaron! This Macaron Shape Jewelry Case is actually a portable and durable organizer not only for your tiny and shiny wearable ornaments but also for your other daily essentials like coins, keys and earphones. With its sweet and colored macaron design, you can now organize your things in a fun and adorable manner. Since it is multifunctional, you can also use it as a pill or a gadget organizer! Isn’t that a sugary treat?

This also comes in a set of 5 for a very affordable price of PHP 239.00. It is available in youthful colors of yellow, pink, purple, light green and mint green!


You can now get this cute jewelry storage box and other trendy women’s fashion jewelry on this online shopping Philippines website. Don’t let this opportunity slip because stocks are only limited!

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